About Snude’s Pet Mart

SnudeDudeMeet the “REAL” Snude!.  He is the inspiration behind this site and provides an overwhelming amount of love to the people he contacts.  Understanding the love behind “Snude the Dude” is what drives us to provide quality pet products and research much of what we choose to offer on this site.   You may have noticed that this site “keeps it light” and FUN!, that is the way Snude would want it to be!
We understand that you want the very best for you’re pet and give them the kind of life they deserve.   We strive to bring to you high quality products at an affordable price, shipped to you in a timely manner.

If you have any questions please contact us at the number above or click Contact UsBy Email 

So…Why Snude?

10917440_1385627375072336_4378457516349919282_nWell, good question… Snude happens to be a Schnoodle… a rather tiny fun loving, joy filled, happy hearted… Schnoodle.  His loving and crazy ways have earned him the nic name “Snude the Dude!”, he even has his own Snudish dance…  By the way…a Schnoodle is a mix of a Schnauzer and a Poodle. They tend to have high energy levels and are very intelligent dogs, and Snude is no exception. He is actually trying real hard to learn English, but at the moment we have to speak Snudish to him, so for now we still have to answer the phones until he learns.
So that is why, SNUDE.





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